Scientific Proof of Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

To understand how alkaline water benefits your body one needs to read the research done by the scientists on the water. Many scientific studies have been conducted to investigate just how drinking ionized water can give one beneficial effect every day.

To be clear alkaline ionized water is produced through the water electrolysis process that creates “reduced water” with a higher PH value (note that anything greater than 7.0 can be considered alkaline water). The term Reduced Water is used because once it goes through the Electrolysis Chamber it comes out with restructured molecules. This creates an abundance of active hydrogen molecules (negatively charged) that will seek out, bond with, and neutralize harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) molecules (positively charged) more commonly known as free radicals.

ROS molecules can result from simple metabolism or from other sources, like Oxidative Stress, and they can cause significant damage to our bodies, even “damaging DNA, RNA, proteins, and contributing to the physiology of aging.” (Reactive Oxygen Species, Lee MY).

This is why “drinking ionized water has demonstrated anti-aging effects as well as prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, ulcers, arteriosclerosis, atopic diseases, Parkinson’s disease and even pigmentary degeneration of retina.”  (Shirahata, Animal Cell Technology: Basic And Applied Aspects, Ohmori K, Vorobjeva NV.- Ionized water benefits microflora in the intestinal track, Koufman JA, Johnston N- Benefits of PH 8.8 Alkaline Water for the treatment of Acid Reflux Disease)

Scientific Proof Validated by Medical Research Studies on The Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water &

Scientific Proof Relating to Prevention and Destruction of Cancer Cells

Many medical studies have proven alkaline ionized drinking waters anti-cancer benefits as scientist discovered “electrolyzed reduced waters ability to act as an antioxidant protecting against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein”(Lee MY, Kim YK, Ryoo KK, Lee YB, Park EJ).

The further medical research discovered the water improves the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells by “enhancing induction of mitochondrial damage and cell death of human leukemia HL-60 cells”(Tsai CF, Hsu YW, Chen WK, Ho YC, Lu FJ).

The scientist also discovered that ionized drinking water slows the growth of tumor cells by interrupting the growth of blood cells within the tumors. This discovery was published in an article titled “Inhibitory effect of electrolyzed reduced water on tumor angiogenesis”(Ye J, Li Y, Hamasaki T, Nakamichi N, Komatsu T, Kashiwagi T, Teruya K, Nishikawa R, Kawahara T, Osada K, Toh K, Abe M, Tian H, Kabayama S, Otsubo K, Morisawa S, Katakura Y, Shirahata S).

Additional research showed that alkaline ionized drinking water aids in preventing formation of cancer cells by “Suppressing Promotion of Two-stage Cell Transformation”(Nishikawa R, Teruya K, Katakura Y, Osada K, Hamasaki T, Kashiwagi T, Komatsu T, Li Y, Ye J, Ichikawa A, Otsubo K, Morisawa S, Xu Q, Shirahata S).

Scientific Proof of Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water’s Anti-Diabetic Health Benefits

Medical research has proven the anti-diabetic effects of drinking alkaline ionized water since drinking this water “significantly reduced the blood glucose concentration and improved glucose tolerance”(Kim MJ, Kim HK) in type 1 and type 2 diabetes cases.

Medical scientist have even advocated its use as an anti-diabetic agent after discovering that “Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) with Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) scavenging ability reduced the blood glucose concentration, increased blood insulin level, improved glucose tolerance and preserved beta-cell mass in db/db mice.

The present data suggest that ERW may protect beta-cell damage and would be useful for antidiabetic agent”(KiM J, Jung KH, Uhm YK, Leem KH, Kim HK  ).

In addition “long-term ingestion of ARW resulted in a reduction in the levels of glucose, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in the blood”(Dan Jin, Sung Hoon Ryu, Hyun Won Kim, Eun Ju Yang, Soo Jung Lim, Yong Suk Ryang, Choon Hee Chung, Seung Kyu Park, Kye Jae Lee).

The further medical research discovered that drinking reduced water prevents Alloxan induced cell damage which causes type 1-diabetes mellitus. Scientist conducting the study concluded “These results suggest that Reduced Water protects pancreatic beta-cells from alloxan-induced cell damage by preventing alloxan-derived ROS generation. Reduced Water may be useful in preventing alloxan-induced type 1-diabetes mellitus”(Li Y, Nishimura T, Teruya K, Maki T, Komatsu T, Hamasaki T, Kashiwagi T, Kabayama S, Shim SY, Katakura Y, Osada K, Kawahara T, Otsubo K, Morisawa S, Ishii Y, Gadek Z, Shirahata S).

Seeing the Benefits

Ionized water benefits the body in many ways especially for diabetic patients since medical research has shown its ability to “significantly reduced the blood glucose concentration and improve glucose tolerance”(Kim MJ) in diabetes mellitus cases.

Anticancer research into alkaline waters benefits has shown that “inhibitory effects have also been observed in the growth of tumor and cancer cells”(Nishikawa R, Komatsu T).

In addition to these medically researched health benefits, the water clusters produced inside the electrolysis chamber in your water ionizer machine are micro-clustered. Meaning they possess 4 to 6 H2O molecules per cluster compared to the normal 12 to 24 molecules per cluster in tap, bottled, and distilled water. These reduced size water clusters are easier for your bodies cells to absorb through their cell walls and allow for two to three times faster re-hydration over all other drinking water sources. The smaller sized water clusters also help to detoxify and cleanse your body.

In fact, when you drink alkaline ionized water you will notice its light smooth texture which allows it to go down faster and easier than ordinary water which has a solid flat texture.

Drinking ionized water is the perfect complement to any alkaline diet especially those based on balancing the alkaline balance in the body.Use the acidic water produced by your machine as a great chemical-free disinfectant which can be used to wash off bacteria and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

In fact, research has shown “electrolyzed water is up to 80 times more effective at killing pathogens than chlorinated water and it does this without the toxicity”(Electrolyzed Water).

With all these advantages over an ordinary drinking water filter system having a water ionizer machine in your kitchen will not only give you many health benefits from drinking the water it also supplies a simple chemical-free way to sterilize and “kill food-borne bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli, and listeria”( Liu C) when preparing meals in your home.

Please read the additional health benefits below that will soon be yours when you connect a water ionizer to your kitchen tap.

alkaline water filter benefits

Applied Benefits in Everyday Use:


Effectively sterilize your mouth and toothbrush. (Lee SH, Kozono Y) acidic ionized water mouthwash benefits




washing fruits and vegetables with acidic ionized water for cleaning benefits   Sterilize the bacteria that are present in many fruits and vegetables. Abbasi PA, Deeza MA




kill bacteria on your hands by washing with acidic ionized water

Effectively eliminate the bacteria and viruses that get on the hands.  Sakashita M




sterilize dishes with acidic ionized waterSanitize surfaces like dishes and cutting boards. Doyle MP, Frank JF , Kim C




The electrolysis process removes carcinogens such as Trihaloalkaline water microclusteringmethanes (THMs), which is a byproduct of the chlorination of municipal city tap water. Suffet IH




hydroxyl ions in ionized water act as antioxidants neutralizing free radicals preventing cancer causing dna damageProtect your DNA from free radicals that damage cells and can cause cancer. Li Y, Nakano M




The strong antibacterial effect kills bacteria which cause atopic skinacidic ionized water kills topical skin bacteria which cause foot fungus diseases like dermatitis and athlete’s foot. Horio T




acidic ionized water removes grease acting as a natural astringent on the skinAcidic water exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This also reduces blemishes by killing bacteria on the surface of the skin and is even used to treat atopic skin diseases.




Electrolyzed water is rich in ionized vitamins and minerals, includingalkaline ionized water is rich in ionized minerals ionized calcium which can help prevent osteoporosis.




cooking with alkaline water improves the flavor of foodsElectrolyzed water preserves more of the retain more nutrients in food by cooking with alkaline waternutrients in food and brings out their natural taste and flavor.




improve the health of you and your baby by drinking alkaline ionized waterElectrolyzed water better promotes healthy fetal development than other filtered water sources.




Gives your pet more energy as well as a brighter, softer, fuller coat. dogs drinking alkaline water have a thicker fuller brighter coat