Alkaline water for Poultry Industry

Alkaline water for Poultry Industry

Alkaline Water Benefits

  • Higher survival rate of young chicks.
Alkaline water saves chicks

Alkaline water saves chicks

  • Increased weight gain due to increased mineral absorption through drinking water, with less fat content.
  • Improved digestive system resulting in reduced ammonia and nitrate content in feces.
  • Healthier and less antibiotic dependent animals.
  • Shorter time to market.
  • Better quality leaner meat.


enagic kengan acidic water for poultry

Enagic Kengan acidic water for poultry

Acidic Water Benefits

  •  Reduced fecal odor due to less nitrate and ammonia content in animal waste.
  • More effective wound and sore control with topical application of the disinfectant water.
  • Disinfection of animal enclosures.
  • Reduction of stagnant manure odor from manure lagoons.
  • Reduction of bacteria count on eggs.
  • Reduction in chemical usage