Miraculous Health Benefits Of Hydrogen Rich Water

Miraculous Health Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water

Medical Professionals, Nutritionist, Physical Therapists and Fitness Professionals are hailing the important HEALING and Miraculous HEALTH Benefits of Hydrogen rich WATER in our Diet.

There are over 300 Peer Reviewed Medical Papers written on the topic of how HYDROGEN in our diet is extremely necessary to promoting wellness, HEALTH and LONGEVITY.

There are three (3) major scientific explanations why.

1. Hydrogen molecules are natural ANTI-OXIDANTS and the most efficient molecules EVER, at CONVERTING Free Radicals into water, which are eliminated as WASTE from our bodies through sweating, urination and bowel movements. Free Radicals are dangerous Foreign elements, harmful chemicals and substances, introduced into our bodies from the environment, they can cause sickness, poor health, diseases. The HYDROGEN molecule is so small, it instantly penetrates our cellular walls, mitochondrial DNA and blood membranes, thus attaching itself to the harmful FREE RADICALS, which are then expelled out of our bodies through waste. HYDROGEN is more effective than ANY other ANTI-OXIDANT.

2. HYDROGEN also TRIGGERS” an INCREASE in our own bodies ability to produce and manufacture our own ANTI-OXIDANTS.

3. HYDROGEN exerts within our bodies a beneficial effect on
A. Cell Signaling
B. Cell Metabolism
C. Gene Expression
Giving it these abilities

HYDROGEN, as you can see from this scientific research, is KEY to our DIET, HEALTH, WELLNESS and LONGEVITY.

HYDROGEN production is one of several NATURAL processes that is produced with the ENAGIC KANGEN WATER machine.

KANGEN OXYGENATES your body, whereby it was discovered in 1931 that no CANCER can survive in an OXYGEN rich environment.

KANGEN increases the Ph of your drinking water above it’s current 7.0 Ph up to 9.5 Ph (ALKALINE). Why is that important? Medical researchers have found that since our bodies are over 70% water, when our bodies water becomes ACIDIC (below 6.9 Ph) CANCER can thrive in this ACIDIC state, by drinking plenty of ALKALIZED 9.5 Ph water, our bodily water Ph is maintained above 8.5 (ALKALINE). Medical research has shown CANCER cells die in an Alkaline state. KANGEN water thus brings our bodies back to Homeostasis, meaning BALANCE/HEALTHY…the Japanese word KANGEN, means “RETURN TO ORIGIN“.

KANGEN water HYDRATES our bodies at a DEEP cellular LEVEL, restoring youthfulness and ENERGY!

KANGEN Ionizes water (lightening does this in NATURE, CLEANSING the AIR) the NEGATIVE IONS attach themselves to FREE RADICALS (known to cause cancer) in our Bodies, ELIMINATING them through Sweat, Urination and Bowel movements! KANGEN DETOXES and CLEANS our body inside out!

KANGEN a Water machine, that literally RESTRUCTURES your DRINKING water at the molecular level, whereby these recombined hydrogen and oxygen water molecules are restructured much smaller than normal drinking water, called MICRO CLUSTERED, IONIZED, HEXAGONAL WATER, resulting in instantaneous absorption through your cellular walls and into your bloodstream, thus supplying you immediately with rich vital nutrients, hydration, cleansing and detoxification. Additionally, KANGEN increases your drinking water’s Ph level between 8.5 to 9.5 Ph (Alkaline) destroying free radicals (which cause cancer) thereby bringing your body back to a HEALTHY STATE called “Homeostasis”.

The KANGEN water machine is NOT a water filter or purifier, in Japan, it is actually CERTIFIED as a MEDICAL DEVICE by the Japanese Ministry of Public Health and used in over 300 Japanese Hospitals.

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