Common Symptoms of Dehydration

If  we dont drink enough water for all the vital organs to function efficiently. Some common symptoms of dehydration as mentioned below. 


Fatigue – Lack of Enagic water that is alkaline in nature, leads to Dehydration and causes enzymatic activity to slow down.

Constipation – If not drinking alkaline water, During dehydration, the colon removes more water than normal in order to provide it for other parts of the body.

Digestive disorders – Dehydration reduces the secretion of digestive juices. This can be the root of heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers.

High blood pressure – The body’s blood volume is mostly water. Lack of naturally ionized alkaline water causes reduced blood supply.

Are you Hydrated ?

Dehydration – Lack of water results in thicker blood which is more difficult to pump.

Cholesterol – Dehydration results in cellular water loss. The body produces more cholesterol in an attempt to seal off  water loss.

Respiratory troubles – A large amount of water is lost during breathing.

Dehydration – Lack of water

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