College Director of Sports Medicine Rob Woodall, Tests Electrically Reduced Water – Kangen Water

“In my 12 years serving as a certified athletic trainer and strength coach, I have never seen a product provide the type of results that we experienced while using this product.” Rob Woodall, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS Director of Sports Medicine, Winston Salem State University April 3, 2010 

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to write on the behalf of Greg Norton [who introduced Coach Woodall to Kangen Water®] and the benefits of Kangen Water®. 

In my 12 years serving as a certified athletic trainer and strength coach, I have never seen a product provide the type of results that we experienced while using this product. 

Let me preface this by saying, I have always been a skeptic to these types of “just drink the water and you’ll feel great” claims. 

The term “snake oil” and “voodoo medicine” always came up in my mind and I chose to go along with the mainstream. Focus on what the so-called scientists said was right for my body and my athlete’s bodies. 

But I stand here today to tell you I am a Kangen Water® Junkie. This water has not only impacted my athletes but it has impacted me on a personal level as well. 

Before I discuss how this product dramatically affected my athletes, I first want to give a personal testimony to the effects of Kangen Water®. Greg Norton first came into my office in September praising the benefits of drinking his water. He gave us the sales pitch and provided us with some samples, just asking that we try it out. I gave a gallon jug to one of my assistants and kept one for myself. I tucked mine under the desk still thinking “yea right it can do all that and it’s just water”. 

During this time our athletic teams were battling a nasty virus that was knocking athletes out for 4-7 days with flu-like symptoms (we believe it was H1N1). Late that afternoon low and behold here come the symptoms on me. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked down and there was my gallon jug. I grabbed that thing quick and finished the bottle within 2 hours. Some may say it was all mental or I just was dehydrated but within an hour of finishing that bottle I felt completely normal.

No symptoms. Had two other instances with my family where my wife and son woke up coughing or with a fever and by the end of the day drinking Kangen Water®, they felt totally normal again. 

The skeptic turned into a believer in a short amount of time and I decided that if it can have this kind of effect on my family and me then I have to introduce it to my athletes. 

At this time I was working primarily with our football team. Prior to this season, the football team had a tremendous time dealing with exertional cramps. Several key players would “cramp up” during every game. They were drinking water, Gatorade, even Pedialyte. They were given supplements and “heat aid” and still not able to finish a game without suffering from severe cramps in their calves, thighs, hamstrings and/or low back. 

We decided this would be our test group. We had seven athletes who we classified as “crampers”. Greg agreed to supply us with enough water and gallon jugs for these guys. We had them drink a whole jug Wednesday-Friday and at least ½ a jug on Saturday (game day). This was fairly close to or equal to the amount of fluid they drank normally. We started the week before our 9/26/09 game and continued for the rest of the season. No cramping episodes from any of the seven during this time.

We did experience cramping episodes from athletes not on the program. We quickly started them on the Kangen Water® and had no more episodes. In fact, after the second game of using Kangen Water® we talked with Greg about getting a loaner machine for the Athletic Training Room. He also loaned us a 5-gallon cooler unit. 

Most of the team began drinking the water by the cup full. They would come in after practice, pull up a stool to the cooler and drink cup after cup. Starting calling the water “miracle water” and “smooth water” because of the way it tastes. They all loved it because they felt like they could drink and drink and never feel bloated (Greg would later tell me this has to do with the micro clustering of the water). 

On 10/24 we took a trip down to Daytona Beach, FL. We had been practicing in 70 degree weather with little humidity. We show up down there and we got upper 80’s and 60% humidity. Alarms start going off! Went through the whole game and not one athlete cramped.

Actually had several of the opposing teams’ players go down late in a close game due to cramps. This is a team that had been practicing in those conditions, acclimated if you will. All my guys were saying “See they should be drinking that smooth water. 

They wouldn’t be cramping”.
When the season was over the decision to buy our own unit was easy. Since we had our unit it has been introduced to all of our athletes with similar results to above.
I’ve had several athletes say they feel “stronger”, “more athletic” or “lighter on their feet” since they’ve started drinking Kangen Water®. When an athlete tells you those things it means something. – Rob Woodall

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